In order to see clearly, it is often sufficient to change the perspective.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry –

Questions/topics that my customers bring along:

The job is an important part of our lives

– and at the same time personal and professional development, identification and security. A professional position decides where I live, how much I earn, what contribution I make in teams and how much time I spend on topics I am competent and motivated to do. Building relevant networks, having colleagues and belonging to an organization are also closely linked to our job – reasons enough to actively design this part of our lives.

We develop resumes that tell the story, profiles of competence that give a reader a quick impression of your performance and skills, and – if you like – develop the business model canvas for your own offer in the market.

Aim of the whole: Job satisfaction, building the “BRAND ME” and a good answer to the question “Why you?”

In Business and Career Coaching we therefore look at the following topics: